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Information for Applicants

Information for those applying for studies at the University of Iceland

Please note that applications are not valid until certified transcripts of degree diplomas are received by the University of Iceland, along with any supporting documents required. The deadline for submitting supporting documents can be found in the confirmation e-mail with the application.

Scanned or photocopied diplomas are not accepted.


  • Transcripts concerning your previous education should be certified copies and sent directly by the institution to the address provided in the confirmation e-mail.


  • Transcripts from the latest educational institution attended should be certified copies and sent directly by the institution to the address provided in the confirmation e-mail.
  • Other transcripts should be originals or certified copies and may be sent by the applicant.
  • Please submit references from people with direct knowledge of your recent academic work. If you are at present in employment, a reference from your employer is required.
  • Please find out which terms and conditions apply to the programme you wish to enrol in and make the necessary arrangements.

All applications will be processed as soon as possible after all necessary documents have arrived. To view the status of your application click the button below. An Icelandic ID number (kennitala) or an application ID and a web-key are needed to access the page. It was sent to the email address submitted with the online application. If your web-key is missing you can send an e-mail to or and ask for assistance.

If an application is accepted information concerning payment of the registration fee will be provided, along with information on how to apply for an Icelandic ID number. The registration fee is non-refundable.

Username and password for accepted applicant

Students at the University of Iceland need to have a username and password to access the computer network and, the University intranet. The username is also an email address ( When payment of the registration fee has been completed and an Icelandic ID number (kennitala) has been issued, approved applicants can request a username and password by clicking the button below and typing in their Icelandic ID number and web-key.

(Note that you cannot get a username and password unless you have been issued an Icelandic ID number and have paid the registration fee.)

PLEASE NOTE: Due to practical reasons, it is not probable that citizens outside EEA can begin studies at the University of Iceland in the Spring semester. This is due to the fact that the Directorate of Immigration requires that applications for residence permits are received by the Directorate no later than 1 November, in order to issue permits before the start of Spring semester classes.

Practical info for new students.

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