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Doctoral programme

Doctoral programme

Doctoral programme- Ph.D.

The doctoral programme in law is a three-year research based programme of postgraduate study at the Faculty of Law at the University of Iceland. The programme requires 180 credit units for the degree of Philosophiae Doctor (Ph.D.) (third cycle, level 5). The research project shall amount to 150 credit units. The doctoral programme is governed by specific rules (Rules on doctoral studies and the committee for research based studies at the Faculty of Law at the University of Iceland and policies and procedures for the assessment of the contribution of doctoral students). Each student must have a thesis advisor among the tenured professors at the faculty.

Application deadlines:
15. April for studies starting in the fall semester
15. October for studies starting in the spring semester

Deadlines for all non-Icelandic/Non nordic applicants:
1. February for both semesters

Guidelines for doctoral applicants. Please read carefully before submitting your application. Applications without the necessary documents will be rejected.

Online application form

Rules for the PhD. programme (.pdf).

Admission requirements:
Entrance requirements are a Master's degree in law from the Faculty of Law at the University of Iceland or the equivalent degree from another university. A doctoral candidate shall as a rule have completed the aforementioned examinations with a first-class grade.

Objectives of the doctoral programme of law are to provide students with the intellectual ability and training in legal methodology and to provide them an opportunity to deepen and enhance their knowledge of certain areas of law, qualifying them for positions of responsibility in society, research positions in academia and international research cooperation. A further objective is that students gain intellectual initiative and independence and an ability to present unbiased and independent legal conclusions that are either new or adapted, based on established legal methods.

Study facilities
Doctoral students can apply for a workspace in the Gimli building, the School of Social sciences prides itself on offering its doctoral students the best facilties possible. Doctoral students also have the right to sit in on faculty meetings and are active members of the faculty.

Doctoral students at the faculty of law are encouraged to take part in doctoral courses at Dansk Juridisk Forskeruddannelsesprogram, Jurforsk or Jurforsk Nordic. They can also attend courses at the faculty of Law at The Univesity of Uppsala and through the  NELN network.

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