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International Programmes

The University of Iceland works in an international environment, and cooperates with a multitude of international universities and research institutions on research, student exchanges, staff exchanges, and more. Hundreds of international students study at the university each year, and their numbers are growing.

Even though the primary language of instruction is Icelandic, the University of Iceland offers several study programmes that are taught fully in English and are therefore open to international students. In addition, the University offers several foreign language programmes in other languages than English. Please note that proof of English proficiency requirements may apply to international applicants whose native language is not English.
Most of the programmes taught in English are offered at graduate level only. All applicants must apply for one of the study programmes on offer and then select courses accordingly. It is not possible to apply for individual courses. Further information on each programme may be found below and in the Course Catalogue.
Most PhD programmes at the University of Iceland can be completed in English. The University faculties  are responsible for the doctoral programmes, however, the Graduate School observes the overall quality of these studies, working closely with the faculties.

Undergraduate programmes for international students

Graduate programmes for international students

Foreign Language Programmes 



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