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Written examinations

Examination periods

Students at work in examination

The general examination periods are from 2nd to 18th December and 25th April to 10th May. Makeup exams (due to illness) are held after the general examination periods in December and May, during a four to six-day period, as further determined by the director of examinations. Faculties may, in consultation with the director of examinations and given the approval of the respective School Board, use the Spring semester makeup exams period to hold the makeup examinations in individual courses of both the Autumn and Spring semesters. This must be determined before the start of Autumn semester classes.

Further information

  • Further details on examinations, such as withdrawals, makeup exams (due to illness), resit exams etc. can be found in the Course Catalogue and in Ugla - the UI intranet
  • The examinations office is located on the second floor of the Main building, room 219, tel. 525-5278.
  • Project manager: Sigurður Ingi Árnason, tel. 525-5278.
  • Joint email of the examinations office and the director of examinations:
  • Director of examinations: Hreinn Pálsson, tel. 525-4361.
  • The distance examinations centre is also in room 219 in the Main building. The centre is managed by Björg Sigurðardóttir, tel. 525-5910, email

Organization of exams

Faculties are responsible for teaching and exams. Teachers are responsible for exams, but each faculty determines how examinations are arranged, in so far as there are not binding provisions in legislation or university council regulations. The duration of a written exam is generally three hours. The director of examinations is responsible for the preparation and administration of exams, in association with schools and faculties.

Examination schedule and locations

The examination schedules are published by the end of September for the autumn semester, and by the end of January for the spring semester. The examination schedule for makeup exams, held after the conclusion of the general examination periods in December and May, is published as soon as possible, i.e. as soon as registration information is available.

Information on examination locations during the examination periods is posted on the examination location page.

Students are assigned specific numbered seats in the examination rooms. These are listed on the intranet (Ugla) on an individual basis the day before the exam. Examination seats are also posted specifically on a list of names of students participating in each examination the same day as the examination takes place.

Students must show photo ID at the examination location.

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