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What's size got to do with it? Bodies, Fatness, and Fairness

What's size got to do with it? Bodies, Fatness, and Fairness

Thursday, October 12, 2017 - 14:05 to 16:30
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About the talk: Fat bodies are understood as out of control and costly to society, and fat people are viewed as irresponsible citizens. Individuals in the Fatosphere, however, are engaging in anti-assimilationist activism. They are queering fatness, rejecting the dominant discourses around obesity, and fighting to gain the same civil rights as non-fat people.

Cat Pausé, a renowned Fat Studies scholar and activist from New Zealand, invites the audience to consider fat bodies and their own beliefs and feelings about fatness. She asks us to explore the role that fatness plays in access to public services, such as education, healthcare, and employment, and reflect on how fat politics can help ensure we are all promoting equity and equality in our own lives. 

Bio: Cat Pausé is the lead editor of Queering Fat Embodiment (Ashgate). A Fat Studies Researcher, her research focuses on the effects of spoiled identities on the health and well-being of fat individuals. Her work appears in scholarly journals such as Human Development, Feminist Review, HERDSA, and Narrative Inquiries in Bioethics, as well as online in The Huffington Post and The Conversation, among others. She hosted Fat Studies: Reflective Intersections in 2012 and Fat Studies: Identity, Agency, Embodiment in 2016.

Cat is also involved in sociable scholarship; her work is highlighted in her social media presence, Friend of Marilyn, on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, iTunes, and her blog. Her fat positive radio show, Friend of Marilyn, is travelling the world this year – make sure your city is on the tour! Cat is currently a visiting scholar at the Institute of Sociology, Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich, Germany.




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