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180 or 240 ECTS - Doctoral

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Doctoral programme in nursing provides knowledge, skills, and training in independent research methods in nursing. 

About the Programme

The Ph.D. programme in nursing is a three-year and 180 ECTS research-based programme. The doctoral thesis is 180 ECTS and student can take additional
courses up to 30 ECTS.

After graduation, the student should be well prepared to work independently in science-based research.


  • To provide students training and insight into the research methods of nursing and related subjects.
  • That the student acquires a thorough knowledge in their field of study.

The objective of doctoral studies is to provide the doctoral student with training and insight into the research methods of nursing, and related studies.

Admission requirements

Graduate studies

To enrol in doctoral studies in nursing at the Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery, students must have completed an MS in nursing or another qualification deemed equivalent by the research-based study committee.


Contact us

Faculty of Nursing Office

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Tel: +354 525 4960
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