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120 ECTS - MA degree

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Postgraduate studies in anthropology are available for students who have a background in anthropology and students who want to add anthropology to previous studies. In postgraduate studies, students receive training in different research methods and have scope to choose research topics in accordance with their areas of interest.

In addition to the traditional postgraduate studies in anthropology, the study program also offers a program in Global Studies with specialisation in Global Health, Migration and Multicultural Society and Development Studies. This programme does not require prerequisites for studies in anthropology.

Admission requirements

Graduate studies

BA, BEd, BS degree with First Class grades or equivalent.

Students not holding a BA degree in Anthropology are required to take at least 30 ECTS credits in undergraduate courses in Anthropology. The courses are: MAN106G, MAN203G and MAN331G. The required undergraduate courses do not count towards the master´s degree. The undergraduate courses are taught in Icelandic

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Job opportunities

Studies in anthropology come in handy as there is a need for a solid understanding of cultural diversity, the nature and meaning of human relations and activities, and the biological characteristics and identities of the species. Anthropologists work e.g. in the media, museums, immigration, education, development cooperation, peacekeeping and genetic research.

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Examples of work platforms

  • The media
  • Museums
  • Immigration issues
  • Teaching
  • Development cooperation
  • Peacekeeping
  • Genetic research

Social life

An association of students in anthropology is called Homo.

Student Cellar is a restaurant, café and entertainment venue. It is located on the ground floor of Háskólatorg. There are facilities for concerts, meetings and other social life of students and is open from morning to evening every day of the week.

The Student Services of the School of Social Sciences is in the

Service square in Gimli


Sæmundargata 10, 102 Reykjavík

Open weekdays from 9 - 15

Phone: 525 4500