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Grades and Exams


Grades are awarded in whole or half numbers from 0-10. The grade point average is the weighted mean of all final grades included in the programme of study and is calculated to two decimal places.

Honours: 9.0–10, first class: 7.25–8.99, second class: 6.0–7.24, and third class: 5.0–5.99. A student is considered not to have passed an examination unless he/she obtains a grade of at least 5.0. According to University rules, a faculty may deviate from this for particular examinations, course parts or examination classes with special minimum grades. Similarly, University faculties may stipulate higher or lower minimum grades. A faculty's special provisions concerning minimum grades higher or lower than 5.0 only apply to students of the faculty concerned. Further information can be found in the University of Iceland Course Catalogue.


General examinations are held at the end of the autumn semester (in December) and at the end of the spring semester (from late April into May). Makeup exams are held during a four day period following the general examinations in December and May, as further determined by the Director of Examinations.

The autumn semester examination schedule is published before the end of September and the spring semester schedule before the end of January. The schedule for makeup exams held following the general examination periods in December and May shall be published as soon as possible and no later than two days before the first examination date.

Further information can be found in the University of Iceland Course Catalogue.