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Excursions 2018–2019

There will be three excursions out of Reykjavík during the academic year, two day-trips and one two-day trip. For all travel in Iceland, you need warm protective clothing to keep out wind and rain, comfortable and sturdy shoes for walking, as well as caps and gloves. For the two-day trip, you will need to bring a sleeping-bag.

These excursions are not funded by the university. Include the cost of these excursions in your financial planning for the two semesters. There is an association of students of Viking and Medieval Norse Studies & Medieval Icelandic Studies which can apply for funding for events such as these to the Student Fund.

(1) Friday,  August 31, 2018: Excursion to Þingvellir and Reykholt

These are two important places in the political and cultural history of medieval Iceland. Departure at 1:30 pm from Árnagarður. An hour will be spent at Þingvellir to visit the principal sites of interest before driving on to Reykholt, where we will visit the medieval centre Snorrastofa and the Snorri Sturluson exhibition. Light dinner in Reykholt.

Cost: ca. 2,000 ISK per person.

(2) Day-trip in February (TBA): Njáls saga territory

Like most sagas about early Icelanders (Íslendingasögur), Njáls saga is situated in a specific landscape, in the Rangárvellir district, east of Reykjavík.

Preliminary schedule:

9am Departure from University of Iceland Main Building (Aðalbygging).
10 Þingvellir - Njáls saga and Þingvellir.
11 Skálholt.
12:30 Lunch and visit of Njáls saga Museum in Hvolsvöllur.
14 Hlíðarendi.
15 Stóri-Dímon (Rauðuskriður).
16 Bergþórshvoll.
19 Return to Reykjavík.

Approximate cost: ISK 5,000 per person.

(3) Two-day trip in May (TBA): Eyrbyggja saga and Bárðar saga territory


9 am Departure from University of Iceland Main Building (Aðalbygging).
10 Skalla-Grímr’s mound, Borgarnes
10:30 Borg
11:15 Ari Þorgilsson’s residence at Staðarstaður
11:30 Seal-watching in Staðarsveit
12 Picnic on the beach
13 Arnarstapi – Hellnar walk
15 Laugarbrekka Dritvík
17 Sleeping-bag accommodation in Grundarfjörður
19 Dinner


9 am Visit of Fróðá
10 Crossing the Fróðárheiði to Breiðuvík and back
12 Picnic in Berserkjahraun
13 Visit of Helgafell
14 Álftafjörður walk
15 Coffee at Stykkishólmur
16 Departure from Stykkishólmur to Reykjavík
18 Return to Reykjavík

Practical details:

There are four meals to be taken care of, i.e., one breakfast, two lunches and a supper. Each person brings her or his own lunches. Supper and breakfast are taken care of collectively. Participants need to bring sleeping bags.

Price: around ISK 15,000 to 20,000 krónur depending on number of participants.

For further information on the excursions, please contact Jan van Nahl.