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Vision and Strategy

The University of Iceland aims to be one of the world's leading universities and apply approved standards to all quality assurance of its operations. The University holds itself and its lecturers, management, and other staff to high standards. High demands are also made of students; this ensures that a degree from the University of Iceland is considered to be of high quality and is trusted all over the world.

Ambitious goals

In 2006, the University of Iceland set itself the ambitious long-term goal to become one of the 100 leading universities in the world. In order to achieve that goal, the University intends to focus on outstanding research, teaching, and support services. The University now works purposefully towards implementing this strategy and has already enjoyed great success. The University applies rigorous internal quality assurance measures to all its operations. External assessment regularly shows that the University is fully in line with international standards.

Policy on important issues

All faculties and units within the University abide by policies and goals which the university community has established in relation to many key issues. Any policy is discussed in the academic schools and faculties, at the University General Forum and in the University Council, in addition to which various committees consider individual cases. This process ensures the involvement of the entire university community, i.e. students, lecturers, and staff.


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