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International Collaboration

The University of Iceland collaborates with several hundred international universities in terms of student exchange, research, staff exchange and more.

Collaborating institutions in the Nordic countries and the Baltic region are part of the Nordplus network, in Europe part of the Erasmus network, Isep and Maui net operate in the U.S., Crepuq net in Canada, Aen net in Australia, in addition to which there exist several bilateral agreements with individual universities across the globe.

Students and lecturers can apply for grants through Nordplus. Students, lecturers and other staff can apply for grants through Erasmus.

Other cooperative networks (outside of Europe) are primarily based on student exchanges, where tuition fees at the guest institution are waived. Bilateral agreements are variable, but most of them include student and staff exchange cooperation, as well as other general collaboration (e.g. research collaboration, access to data, etc.).

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