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Uta Reichardt - Postdoc

Uta Reichardt


Uta Reichardt



I am a transdisciplinary researcher, facilitator and teacher living in Reykjavik. My main focus of interest is the exploration of synergies that emerge from the dialogue between Arts and Science. In my current work, I view sustainability development through the lens of disaster risk reduction, with a focus on the role of Art and Design regarding preparedness, relief and recovery from disastrous events. I currently conduct research on the impact of Covid-19 on the cultural sector in Iceland and emerging creative innovations from crisis. I co-founded Out of Sync, a collective for transdisciplinary art-science collaborations and Disaster Studios (www.disasterstudios.website), a platform that joins disaster risk management and Design practise and emphasizes the importance of creative approaches in disaster risk reduction.

  • Location
    Gimli / G-321
  • Email
    utar [at] hi.is