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Social Life

Our campus is the heart of an international community of students and faculty members, offering plenty of opportunities for making new contacts and pursuing a range of activities. The department building, Oddi, is part of a network of university facilities offering cafes, study areas, a busy bookshop, a gym and a restaurant, Hama. The campus bar, Studentakjallarinn, is a hub of social activity, providing food, music and a programme of events.

Student support
Becoming part of a new community, especially in a foreign country, can be intimidating. At the University of Iceland there are student societies and services that can support your needs and help you to enjoy your time here, from organising social events to protecting your rights.

Beyond the campus
Outside the university, you can enjoy Reykjavík's busy cultural scene, relax in the city's geothermal pools, or explore Iceland's dramatic natural landscape. Whether you want to join a choir, go hiking or visit the campus gym, you'll find plenty to do and see during your studies.

Living and studying in Iceland