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Guidelines for Doctoral Applicants

All documents must be attached to the online application form or sent electronically to the Faculty of Law Office,

Each section should be sent as an individual document.

1. Certified copies of diplomas in duplicate (one scanned PDF file attached to the application, one hard copy sent to the University)

  • Graduate degree in Law (MA, Mag. Jur., L.L.M.)
  • BA degree in Law (if applicable)
  • Certified copies of diplomas for university studies that the applicant feels are pertinent to the application.

2. Two letters of recommendation

  • Written and signed letters of recommendation from two individuals that are well acquainted with the applicant's scholastic and professional skills in the field of law. The letter should include an assessment of the applicant's ability to do doctoral work and why. It is advised that the recommendations be from the applicant's present employer and thesis advisor.

3. Curriculum vitae (CV)

  • A 1-2 page curriculum vitae, which should include studies, work experience, and works published. The works published section must include: title, year published, name of journal/book/website and page length.  It is important to note all research experience.

4. First draft of research proposal, research schedule, and bibliography

  • The research proposal and schedule shall be clear, concise, realistic, and scheduled (in months and years) in accordance with the project schedule. They must include a descriptive working title of the research project, its objective, main components, and an outline of a table of contents, a description of the proposed methodology and concise research proposal. It is important to explain how and why the proposal and main research questions differentiate from existing studies within the same or similar fields of law and what new information it would bring to the fore. Finally the applicant shall state the relevance of the research in terms of expanding the field in Icelandic or international context (3-4 pages).

5. List of all published material on the research topic that relate directly to the research proposal and thesis questions (2-3 pages)

6. Statement on the applicant's professional foundation for pursuing doctoral studies

  • Applicants must describe their goals, why they consider themselves to have the necessary professional background to pursue doctoral studies, for example: good scholastic performance, including undergraduate and graduate studies, participation in research projects, published articles, legal activities, work experience, interest in law research, and post-graduation work interests.

7. Project schedule and funding plan

  • Clear and concise work plan, including a general overview of how thesis work will be organised over the next 6 semesters; where it will take place, plans to study abroad, and other pertinent information. (1-2 pages)
  • Short statement on the financial prospects of the applicant and plans for applications from research funds. Information about grants that the applicant intends to apply for, and any part-time job plans, teaching, and how the applicant proposes to finance the studies if no grants are awarded. University research grants.
  • Information regarding the applicants intention to study full or part time, proposed start date.
  • Language of thesis and applicants knowledge of that language (TOEFL 79, IELTS 6.5).
  • Applicant can request a specific doctoral advisor among the Faculty; however the Graduate Board will issue a final recommendation depending on the field of study.
  • Other information that the applicant wishes to disclose, including special needs or disability. Applicants are not required to disclose such information.

Documents can be submitted in English, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, or Icelandic; documents in other languages must be translated at the cost of the applicant.

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