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Statement of intent - instructions

This statement of intent gives you the opportunity to describe the motivations behind your application, and outline your qualifications and previous academic and/or professional experience that demonstrate your interest and readiness to undertake studies in public health sciences. The statement provides an opportunity for the admissions committee to get a more detailed profile of each applicant’s strengths and to evaluate their potential.
Please limit yourself to about 1000 words in total (1,5page). Research and study plans below are not binding, and is meant to give the committee an idea of your intent. Please save the document as pdf and attach with your online application.

Write a comprehensive essay which answers the following questions:

  • Briefly outline the motivations behind your application. What prompted your interest in a research based program in public health sciences? Can you relate that interest to your prior academic, personal or professional experience?
  • Draft up a rough study plan; how many ECTS credits you intend to take each semester, which courses you‘d like to attend, when you plan and finishing your final thesis, and graduate (see guidelines below)
  • Why did you choose the University of Iceland? Keeping in mind that course offerings in English at UI are limited, how do you think you’ll cope in a foreign language study environment?
  • Referring to the degree planner in the course catalogue, which concentration do you intend to follow? How do you think the mandatory courses will supplement your focused interest and which elective courses are you planning on completing?
  • Briefly outline your intended research thesis. Evaluate your abilities to undertake such a project and describe what you hope to learn in the process.
  • What are your career plans upon completing the degree?

The MPH and MS programs are a two year (four semesters) program. Credit distribution is as follows: 60-90 ECTS of core courses and electives and 30-60 ECTS credit research thesis. 
Full time studies at UI represent 30 ECTS per semester. Graduation is three times per year: February, June and October.

Note that maximum length of study towards the degree is four years.

Each 6 ECTS course represents about 42 lectures (40 minute). In general, students can estimate about 27 hours’ worth of attendance and home work behind each ECTS. Attendance is expected and sometimes mandatory.

Further information on the program structure: Course Catalogues 

For any inquires, do not hesitate to contact us:

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