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Checklist for Erasmus+ applicants

Please note, this list also applies to those visiting or studying at the University of Iceland.

  1. Bilateral Erasmus+ inter-institutional agreement between the University of Iceland and the host/partner university must be made before the exchanges take place.
  2.   a ) Mobility agreement for staff  applying for an Erasmus+ grant. The agreement should include dates for the visits, information on the applicant, information of the sending and receiving institutions, proposed mobility programme, the objective  and expected outcome of the visit. The agreement should be signed by the applicant, his/her next superior and the hosting institution. Minimum stay on a staff visit abroad is 5 days and additional 2 travel days if needed.
    b ) Learning agreement for  students, should include dates of study period abroad, a study plan for the study period abroad approved by home and host university. Minimum study period abroad for students is 3 months.
    Mobility agreement and learning agreement should be sent to International Office of the University of Iceland.
  3. Copy of flight ticket, should be sent to the International Office of The University of Iceland Karítas Kvaran
  4. Grant agreement  with the University of Iceland. A grantee shall provide information on personal ID number or passport number, home address, phone/gsm number and information on the bank account that the grant should be transferred to. The grant agreement states the dates of the visit and the amount of the grant. The agreement is made in two copies and singed by the grantee and a representative of The University of Iceland.
  5. Payment of grant. Grant is paid when all documents have been handed in and grant agreement signed by both partners. Visitors to Iceland get their grant paid upon their arrival to Iceland. Students will get their grant paid in instalments and last payment when final report have been delivered.
  6. Confirmation of visit/study period  This document should be sent to the International Office at the University of Iceland. This is  a document confirming the visit/study period with name of the guest/student, his/her home university, dates and signed and stamped by the host. This document should be sent to the International Office of the University of Iceland.
  7. Final report. When the visit is about to end, the grantee will receive an e-mail containing a questionnaire that the grantee is obliged to answer.  The final report contains questions about the Erasmus grant.  „If relevant, how much did you receive from sending/receiving institution for travel costs?“ „If relevant, how much did you receive from sending/receiving institution for daily subsistence costs?“   Here grantees should report the amount of the Erasmus+ international grant that they received, that is the amount that is stated in the grant agreement (see nr 4.)
  8. Tax return.  Residents of Iceland are obliged to report the Erasmus+ grant in the annual tax return. You should list costs in relation to the Erasmus visit and then you should not have to pay tax of the grant. We recommend that you preserve receipts of costs in relation to the Erasmus  visit.

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