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Members of the Nordic network for Education in Public Health Nutrition

The network project NEPHN is steered from Iceland and will be used to give information.

The Nordic network for Education in Public Health Nutrition (NEPHN) is a network consisting of five partners from: University of Eastern Finland Kuopio(Finland), Oslo Metropolitan University (Norway), Metropolitan University College (Denmark), University of Iceland (Iceland), and Uppsala University (Sweden).

The overall aim of NEPHN is to contribute to reducing the burden of diet-related diseases in the Nordic Region through nutrition-related health promotion. To achieve this there is a need for closer cooperation between academic institutions so that Nordic Public Health Nutrition (PHN) education is further developed and highly qualified experts are trained who can contribute to the general public health work in the region and beyond.

Specific aims

  • Strengthen formal institutional links,
  • Facilitate exchange of lecturers, students, innovative educational resources, and teaching methods from bachelor to PhD level,
  • Support and strengthen the consolidation of PHN as an accredited profession throughout the Nordic Region.

NEPHN has received initial funding from the Nordic Council of Ministers’s Nordplus Higher Education programme. The network intends to include other institutions in the Nordic countries, as well as in Greenland and the Arctic and Baltic Regions.

Network meeting Kuopio, Finland August 23rd - 24th (Schedule)

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