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University Run 2019

Thu, 12/09/2019 - 15:00 to 16:30


Further information 
Free admission

The University Run 2019 takes place on Thursday 12 September at 3 P.M. in the vicinity of the University Campus. The run is open for staff and students and participants can choose to run either 3 K or 7 K.

The route for 3K is by Suðurgata, to Reykjavík airport and passed Vatnsmýri Nature Reserve where as the 7 K rout goes around Reykjavík airport. There is a time tracker for the longer run.

3 K run

7 K run

Registration for the University run takes place on, and the registration fee is ISK 2.500. Included in the fee is a running shirt marked: Háskólahlaup  2019.

Deadline for registration is at 10 on the running day, 12 September.

Register for the run

Delivery of running kit

The delivery of the running kit (t-shirt for both distances and a time chip for the 7 km run) takes place in the lobby of the Main Building between 12 and 2 PM on the running day, 2 September.  

Facilities on the running day and programme

Participants can change in the University Gym beside the University Centre, note that a pad-lock is needed for the lockers there. 

 Warming up starts at 2:45 PM in front of the Main Building, led by students of sports and health studies from the School of Education. The run will then start at 3 PM. 

About the University Run 

This is the twelfth time the University Run takes place in its current form and the second time it takes place in the autumn. 

To prepare, it might be a good idea to join the running group of the university, the group meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:10 PM at the University Gym. This dynamic group is open to both staff and students. 

The annual University run for students and staff will take place on Thursday 12 September at 3 P.M. 3K and 7K routes.
University Run 2019