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Multilingualism in families and schools 

Multilingualism in families and schools   - Available at University of Iceland
Thu, 21/09/2023 - 09:00 to 15:00

Grand Hotel Reykjavík, Háteigur 4.hæð

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The participation fee is ISK 3000.

The conference Multilingualism in families and schools will take place on September 21 at 9-15 á Grand Hotel Reykjavík.

Language policy, multilingualism and schools will be the focus of the conference. Speakers come from Sweden, Belgium, Crete, Norway, Great Britain and Canada will discuss reception departments, school development and educational policy, research and development projects in collaboration with kindergartens and primary schools, language policy, the relationship between teachers and parents and the identities of children who grow up with multiple languages.

Among the speakers will be Jim Cummins, who is a well-known researcher and entrepreneur in this field. His paper is called Multilingual development and literacy socialization: Creating a foundation for educational success in the preschool and primary school years.

A research group on language policies and practices of immigrant families in Iceland and their impact on education is organizing the conference together with the Faculty of Education and Pedagogy at the University of Iceland. The research group is leading a large study in Iceland, which is funded by RANNÍS, and will be presented at the conference.

The conference addresses teachers and administrators at all school levels, academics, policymakers and the media. Talks and discussions will be in English. 

Further details can be found here 

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Multilingualism in families and schools 


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