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Midway evaluation in Chemical Engineering - Aysan Safavi

Midway evaluation in Chemical Engineering - Aysan Safavi  - Available at University of Iceland
Mon, 29/11/2021 - 15:00 to 16:00


Room 158

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Will be in English

Title of thesis: Small scale biomass gasification for bioenergy production

Doctoral candidate: Aysan Safavi

Doctoral committee: 
Dr. Rúnar Unnþórsson, Professor, University of Iceland
Dr. Christiaan Petrus Richter, Professor, University of Iceland


Few years ago several incinerators across Iceland were shut-down because of toxic pollution (dioxins and furans) was detected in soil samples in the surrounding environment. To date, no cost effective and environmentally sound alternative waste management solutions have been introduced to treat the organic waste. The specific aim of the PhD project is to adapt gasification as a green solution in order to lessen emission of toxic materials from organic waste disposal. This is an approach is of interest as biomass gasification is considered a cost effective and environmentally sustainable technology for bioenergy production, which contributes to reduction of CO2, NO2, and SO2 gases emissions. Gasification of bio-waste can be used as an effective waste management. The produced gases (syngas) can be used to replace fossil fuels - i.e. for generating heat and electricity and for the production of various chemical products. Among the benefits which gasification technology can bring are sustainability and regional economic development. Compared to conventional waste incineration, gasification can lead to a significant reduction in flyash and toxins such as dioxins and furan. Gasification technology is also inherently more controllable.

Aysan Safavi

Midway evaluation in Chemical Engineering - Aysan Safavi