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Masters lecture in Software Engineering - Anna Margrét Björnsdóttir

Wed, 30/09/2020 - 10:00 to 11:00
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Master's student: Anna Margrét Björnsdóttir

Title: Creating a user-oriented prenatal care app

Faculty: Faculty of Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science

Advisors:  Matthias Book and Helmut Neukirchen

Examiner: Mohammad Hamdaqa, Assistant Professor at Reykjavík University

This project started with a quickly formed idea for a prenatal care app, an app that contained actual prenatal care medical information, and the ability to share that information with the expectant father/partner, amongst others. This idea came from developers that work in creating health care software in Iceland. The plan was to create such an app and link it to the health care software already in place, which then posed the question of whether the proposed features were really the features parents cared about, and would mothers be willing to share their pregnancy information with the father/partner? To answer these questions, user interviews were conducted, and an online survey was sent out through social media groups of mothers and fathers in Iceland. They revealed that the factors related to pregnancy parents felt to be most important, were mental health, mother’s diet, common and serious pregnancy symptoms, and communications with midwifes. Mothers proved very willing to share almost all pregnancy medical information with the father/partner. These results were used to create a prioritized feature list for the app. A User Interface prototype was then constructed, and from that, a design for the underlying systems. An app prototype was then created in Flutter, and linked to a development environment for testing.