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Inclusive adventure education and outdoor activities II

Inclusive adventure education and outdoor activities II - Available at University of Iceland
Tue, 18/04/2023 - 13:00 to 16:00

Hlaðan í Gufunesi - Miðstöð útivistar og náms.

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Inclusive adventure education and outdoor activities II

> Putting theory into practice <

On the 17th, 18th and 24th of April 2023. The experts Tomás Aylward and Erwin Borremans will visit Iceland and hold several lectures and workshops on inclusive outdoor activities.

This is a joint project of the Faculty of Education of the University of Iceland - The Center for outdoor recreation and outdoor learning and the Association of Outdoor Learning Enthusiasts.

The second day of the lecture series will take place on Tuesday, April 18 in Hlaðan í Gufunesi - Miðstöð útivistar og náms.

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13-13:45 Lecture: Being Outdoors and Doing Outdoors: a Place-Based approach to building the self-efficacy of PwD in Outdoor environments

In this lecture, the presenters identify the double challenges of being active outdoors. Firstly, simply being orientated to one’s environment outdoors and becoming comfortable in that space. Secondly, becoming confident to move over different surfaces in the outdoors; different from the horizontal surfaces of carpets indoors or concrete footpaths outdoors as commonly experienced by persons with a disability. This lecture will also illustrate how developing such environmental competency can raise the self-efficacy of individuals as they develop new cognitive and affective responses under the open sky.

14-16:00 Workshop:  Methods in Action

In this workshop, Erwin and Tomás will facilitate micro teaching sessions where the Diploma students will work in small groups to explore a set of simple activities to stimulate interest, movement and exploration of outdoor spaces with persons with a disability. Strategies will be discussed to manage limitations to mobility, cognition or sensory reception. Faculty members will be invited to discuss and explore the teaching of social pedagogues with the two presenters and analyse the open teaching lab. in action at the workshop.

 About the lecturers:

Tomás Aylward - MSc and PhD student

Tomás Aylward is MSc and PhD student is a lecturer in the School of Health and Social Sciences at Munster Technological University on the Atlantic coast of Ireland. A lecturer in outdoor learning and Adapted Physical Activity at the Kerry Campus for 22 years, Tomás' work and research has been focused on developing specialised training programmes for those who lead adventure and outdoor activities for people with disabilities. He is the programme director for a BA in Outdoor Learning at MTU.  Contact:

Erwin Borremans, PhD

Erwin Borremans is a lecturer in adapted physical education and APE director for the LIVE Vocational College’s 10 campuses spread across southern Finland. Erwin’s work includes integrating outdoor education and outdoor physical activity into special education programmes. Erwin is a qualified physiotherapist with a master's degree in APA and a PhD in Adapted Physical Education. Erwin has been published in a number of academic journals in the discipline of APA and APE and was involved in organising the ISAPA world conference on APA in Finland in 2021. He also lectures at two Universities of applied sciences in Vierumäki and Espoo.   Contact:  


Inclusive adventure education and outdoor activities II