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A MOOC about making MOOCs

Overview of Creating an edX Course is a brief MOOC that takes no more than 1-2 hours about the basics of making MOOCs. Participants learn about creating a course description and syllabus, what to consider when making videos or working with other media, marketing, and more. The course is a great introduction to edX's general approach to education and learning and essential preparation for anyone considering making a MOOC. The course is free and those interested can register and take the course at any time.

UIcelandX developing its first MOOC on Medieval Icelandic Literature

UIcelandX's development team worked last semester with the Faculty of Medieval Studies at the University of Iceland on a MOOC titled The Medieval Icelandic Sagas. This is a 6 week MOOC focusing on Nordic history and literature as represented in the well-known Icelandic Sagas. Participants are introduced to the rich and vibrant literary gems through three of the roughly 40 preserved sagas highlighting all of the excitement, witty retorts and colourful characters. The course was launched in March 2018.