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UIcelandX MOOCs are intended to appeal to a broad global audience and to reflect the University of Iceland's unique academic expertise and experience. All UIcelandX MOOCs are in English and must meet the stringent edX quality criteria.

UIcelandX is the partnership of the University of Iceland and edX, a global network of universities for providing open online courses (massive online open courses or MOOCs). The UIcelandX open online courses are international and developed and taught by faculty at UI. The courses are accessible to all free of charge and can be used by higher education students as well the general public.

The participation of the University of Iceland in the edX network provides an opportunity to showcase the research and scholarship at the University and connect to scholars and students worldwide. edX courses offer a chance for students and faculty to learn about developments in their field in a global context. Also, the partnership with edX can introduce faculty to new teaching methods as well as using other edX courses in their teaching as learning materials.

Faculty at UI can develop two kinds of online courses through the collaboration with edX:

  1. edX MOOCs – these are MOOCs offered by the University of Iceland under the auspices of UIcelandX on the website. UI will offer at least 4 edX MOOCs in the course of the next few years. Courses selected for development as edX MOOCs will receive support from the University’s Division of Academic Affairs and are developed in collaboration with edX.
  2. edX edge courses – these are invite-only online courses intended for a particular group of students at the University. They are not offered at the edX website or promoted through the edX collaboration. edX edge courses are developed by and the responsibility of the faculty involved.

MOOCs in teaching

edX offers a wide range of MOOCs that can be useful for the University's academic staff's professional development. Some academic staff have also used the MOOCs that are available to enrich their own courses and offer their students unique opportunities to tailor their learning to their own needs.

MOOCs offer numerous possibilities for teachers:

  • MOOCs are an effective way for academic staff to promote their research and knowledge on a global platform.
  • Academic staff can take MOOCs to see how others are disseminating new developments in their field.
  • MOOCs offer insights into novel teaching methods that academic staff can use in their own teaching.
  • MOOCs can be used in blended learning approaches to offer students personalised learning experiences.

For those who are interested in learning more about using MOOCs in blended learning approaches, take a look at this interesting MOOC offered by edX: BlendedX: Blended Learning with edX.

UIcelandX Dev Team

Project Management: Páll Ásgeir Torfason (, Head of Department Division of Academic Affairs

Media: Gústav Kristján Gústavsson (, Technical Manager Centre for Teaching and Learning

Course Development: Rúnar Sigurðsson (, Project Manager Centre for Teaching and Learning

Promotion: Bryndís E. Jóhannsdóttir (, Editor Marketing & Public Relations