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When can I go on exchange?

Students can go on exchange during their undergraduate and graduate studies, as well as doctorate studies. However, not all partner universities accept exchange students at all study levels, so students must be aware of any restrictions regarding this.

Applicants at the undergraduate level should have completed at least one year of their studies at the University of Iceland before the exchange studies begin. This means that first year students can apply for an exchange that will take place during their second year of studies, given that they have complete 60 ECTS before studies at the host institution begin.

Graduate students can go on exchange during their first semester given that the student’s faculty approves.

It depends on the student’s study program when it is optimal to go on exchange. Thus it is very important to consult the International Coordinator at the appropriate School/faculty before the student starts the application process. Applicants can also turn to the International Office for practical information although staff members cannot advise on academic issues.

Whether students go on exchange during undergraduate or graduate studies, exchange students all graduate from the University of Iceland and cannot take more than half of their total credits as exchange studies. Students can apply for exchange studies for one or two semesters:

  • In the Erasmus+ program students can partake in exchange studies for 3 -12 months.
  • In the Nordplus program students can partake in exchange studies from 1 week up to 12 months.
  • In other programs, you can apply for one semester or two. It is possible to go on exchange in during summer if the host university offers summer courses available to exchange students.

Note that academic calendars can vary greatly between countries. In most European countries the fall semester begins in September or October and the spring semester in January or February and ends in late June / July. In Germany and Poland the fall semester usually starts in October and lasts until March and the spring semester begins in April and lasts until the end of August.



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