University of Iceland

What can I do?


How can I contribute to making society more sustainable?

I can minimise trash ...

Do I need this, or is this something that will quickly end up in the trash?
Do I need all this packaging?
What 's for dinner? Maybe I can save something from turning bad in the fridge.
What about recycling?
How can I make my purchasing more environmentally friendly?
I can lead a greener lifestyle

I can ... minimise harmful emissions

Limited energy use and the use of renewable energy rather than non-renewable
Cycle, walk or take the bus to school
Shop locally

I can use my mind ...

Think beyond the traditional lines and take environmental issues into account 
Carry out research of the environment and sustainability and share my knowledge with other people
Thinking is an environmentally friendly occupation
Telling stories is green entertainment
I can contribute to a healthy dialogue with fellow human beings on sustainability and environment
I can sign up for the study programme of Environment and Natural Resources 

I can ... become active

I can be a role model in everyday activities
I can fight for a better world
I can participate in the work of NGO’s
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