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Undergraduate studies

International students can complete a BA degree in Icelandic as a second language to acquire the basic knowledge and the theoretical skills to continue academic studies in Icelandic. Another possiblity is the Practical Diploma in Icelandic as a second language, a practical language programme for beginners with focus on developing skills in speaking, writing and understanding modern Icelandic. 

The following programmes can be completed by international students provided they meet language proficiency criteria as required by each programme:

Undergraduate Diplomas

English for Academic Purposes
French for Practical Purposes
German for Practical Purposes
Icelandic as a second language
Italian for Practical Purposes
Spanish for Practical Purposes

Undergraduate Programmes (BA)

Icelandic as a second language 
International Studies in Education (taught biannually, next 2019-2020)
Japanese Language and Culture

It takes three (180 ECTS) or four years (240 ECTS) of full-time study to complete undergraduate programmes. Degree programmes can have one Major (180 or 240 ECTS), two Majors (120 + 120 ECTS) or Major and Minor (120 + 60 ECTS). Diplomas can be shorter as they are not degree programmes. Courses finished in diploma studies can be transferred, on certain conditions, to count as part of a degree programme. Degree programmes as well as diplomas can have different areas of specialization.

Further information on Undergraduate studies:

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