The University of Iceland Gymnasium at Laugarvatn

íþróttahús-laugarvatniThe gymnasium is in a sense a community centre for the schools and the area in general. Challenges, which often involve classes competing with each other in various sports, are sometimes set during lunch breaks at the Centre for Sport and Health Sciences. This can be an outlet for the students’ urge to exercise in between the theoretical subjects, as individuals studying sports are usually very enthusiastic about exercise. Every semester, the students’ association organises discipline specific open sessions in the gymnasium, sometimes in collaboration with other educational institutions or local associations.

The gymnasium offers a weight lifting suite and swimming pool, which are open to students at the Centre for Sport and Health Sciences, free of charge, from 6:30 to 22:00 during the winter months. The students also have open access to an athletics field and kick-about pitches in the area.

Specific women’s and men’s sessions are held in the hall and workout room two nights a week each.

The Laugdæla Youth Association (UMF Laugdæla) also uses the gymnasium for training.

Gymnasium staff:
Sævar Ástráðsson
Elmar Eysteinsson
Halldór Steinar Benjamínsson


Contact no. for gymnasium, swimming pool and other sports facilities: +354 486-1251 or +354 897-1189.

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