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How I use MOOCs

edX offers a wide range of MOOCs that can be useful for the University’s academic staff’s professional development. Some academic staff have also used the MOOCs that are available to enrich their own courses and offer their students unique opportunities to tailor their learning to their own needs.
MOOCs offer numerous possibilities for teachers:
- MOOCs are an effective way for academic staff to promote their research and knowledge on a global platform.
- Academic staff can take MOOCs to see how others are disseminating new developments in their field.
- MOOCs offer insights into novel teaching methods that academic staff can use in their own teaching.
- MOOCs can be used in blended learning approaches to offer students personalised learning experiences.
For those who are interested in learning more about using MOOCs in blended learning approaches, take a look at this interesting MOOC offered by edX: BlendedX: Blended Learning with edX (

I want to make a MOOC

UIcelandX MOOCs are intended to appeal to a broad global audience and to reflect the University of Iceland’s unique academic expertise and experience. All UIcelandX MOOCs are in English and must meet the stringent edX quality criteria.
A call for proposals for new MOOCs to be delivered on the edX platform will be issued soon. Academic staff will be urged to consider proposals that highlight the University of Iceland’s research specialities and that promote novel approaches for teaching and learning.
Once a proposal has been selected for further development, the instructor will work with a team of specialists, including representatives from the Center for Teaching and Learning, the Division of Academic Affairs, and the Division of Marketing and Public Relations. The team is made up of highly skilled and experienced individuals who assist the instructor with course design, technology integration, course materials and course promotion. Instructors also have access to edX’s specialists in course development and delivery.
The time it takes to develop a MOOC varies depending on:
- The length of the course, which can be anywhere from 4 weeks to a full semester.
- The amount of course media and materials that will need to be produced. Instructors and course developers are urged to make use of existing materials whenever possible.
- The course format, especially for novel courses that do not have a precedent in the University’s course catalog.
The time it takes to produce a MOOC, assuming an 8 week course that is based on a previously offered course, can be expected to take up to 3-4 months and involves:
- Course development: 3-4 weeks
- Media production and editing: 8-10 weeks
- Course construction: 2-3 weeks
- Follow-up editing with edX: 3-4 weeks
- Promotional plan: 3-4 weeks.
Once course development and construction is completed, the MOOC will be promoted by the University of Iceland and edX and opened for registration. MOOCs are expected to start about 2 months after registration has started.
For more information about producing MOOCs fro UIcelandX, contacted the Project Manager; Tryggvi Thayer, Tel: 525 5934, Email:

UIcelandX Dev Team

Project Manager & course development: Tryggvi Thayer (
Media: Gústav Kristján Gústavsson (, Technical Manager Center for Teaching and Learning
Information Technology: Rúnar Sigurðsson (, Project Manager Center for Teaching and Learning
Promotion: Bryndís E. Jóhannsdóttir (, Editor Marketing & Public Relations
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