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Supporting Documents, Graduate Studies

Supporting documents for graduate studies at the University of Iceland

When applying online for graduate studies, a certified copy of the applicant's undergraduate diploma and transcript of records must be sent by post no later than 2 weeks after the application deadline.
Note: Applicants that have graduated from the University of Iceland after 1981 do not have to submit certified copies, as the University maintains a record of their studies and degree(s) awarded.

Photocopied or scanned diplomas and transcripts are not certified copies and therefore unvalid

Certified copy: A certified copy is a document issued by the educational institution on its official paper, signed and certified by the institution with the institution’s stamp in colour, or otherwise certified by an authorized, official authority.

Click here to see a list of supporting documents according to each study programme
Please note: The list is displayed with provisions for inevitable additions and amendments, expected in the 2018-2019 Course Catalogue.

Online submission of supporting documents in PDF format

The submission of the following supporting documents may be required with the online application. It is important to gather all required documents before applying online. Please note that some Faculties require the supporting documents to be in a specific form. Applicants need to obtain further information on the Faculty‘s website or by contacting the Faculty‘s office.

The following supporting documents may be required with the online application:


* A red star next to a field means that you are required to fill it in.

If any of the above mentioned fields does not appear in the online application form, the respective Faculty does not require that information. The Faculty might however require the information by some other means (please contact the Faculty for details).

Please only attach .pdf files to the application

Note: Only a limited number of study programmes can be taught in English and offered to international students. All other study programmes are entirely taught in Icelandic, require Icelandic proficiency and may not be available to international students.

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