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MOOCs for me

On the edX website are over 1,700 MOOCs covering more than 30 subjects. MOOCs are an ideal way for university students to increase their knowledge and skills to prepare for their future careers.
Most MOOCs involve significant interaction with fellow learners through discussions and collaborative assignments. Participants in MOOCs are not only learning but also expanding their personal and professional networks.
On completion of a MOOC, participants can receive an verified certificate of their participation for a small fee. For some courses, participants can receive college credits issued by the university offering the course or a credit granting partner. To receive college credits participants must usually pay a fee and meet course completion requirements set by the university offering the course. Credits may be transferrable to course participants’ institution, but they should check before assuming so.
edX offers a range of MicroMasters programs. These are short programs, usually consisting of 4 or more MOOCs, offered at the graduate study level. Participants receive credits for these programs that can be used to complete a full masters degree at the university providing the course.
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