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Services for Immigrants

Below are some useful links to organisations that offer services for immigrants:

The Directorate of Immigration
The Directorate operates under the Ministry of the Interior and is tasked with the processing of residence permits, visas, citizenship applications and requests for asylum. The website provides information on the residence permit application process, which is very useful for staff applying from outside the EU.

The Icelandic ENIC/NARIC Information Center provides you with assessments of your non-Icelandic degree, diploma or certificates and offers information about international recognition of qualifications. The assessments are in a form of a brief statement explaining what your foreign qualification corresponds to in Iceland, that is which educational level and if possible, which field of study. 

The Multicultural and Information Centre
Here you can obtain information regarding immigration issues, rights and obligations, Icelandic society, Icelandic lessions, interpreting and translation services and more. This information is available in 8 different languages: Icelandic, English, Thai, Spanish, Lithuanian, Russian, Polish and Croatian. There is also a telephone service available in these same languages. The telephone number for information in English is (+354) 450 3090.

The Intercultural Center (Alþjóðasetur)
The Intercultural Center provides immigrants with interpretation and translation services. By law, immigrants have a right to interpretation services at teacher-parent meetings in primary schools and preschools, during treatment at hospitals and clinics and during police interrogation. You can also order interpretation/translation services for other reasons online or by phone. The telephone number for the Intercultural Center is (+354) 530 9300 and the emergency number is (+354) 651 9300.

This website provides a wealth of information on Icelandic society and public services in both English and Icelandic. You can find information on many issues such as human rights, the school system, health services, municipalities, businesses and industry, etc. This website also hosts the Icelandic National Portal login service where it is possible to manage personal information and apply for various services using special access key called IceKey.

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