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Rules of procedure

Rules of procedure on the open access publishing of scientific articles

1. The University of Iceland encourages its staff to publish their scientific articles in journals which are published in an open access format. The University of Iceland does not directly participate in the possible expenses of open access publishing. Members of academic staff at the University are however, depending on the circumstances, permitted to use their research funding to cover such expenses.

2. No later than the date of publication, the author of a scientific article must send the Division of Science and Innovation an electronic copy of the final version of the article. This electronic copy may be submitted in PDF format, as a link to a website, or in another suitable manner.

3. The University of Iceland is authorised to make articles accessible on the internet, though see Article 4.

4. An author may request that a certain journal article be made exempt from the provisions of Article 3 if it can be satisfactorily shown that it is not possible to publish the article's content in an open access outlet. Such exemptions may be permanent or involve the delay of open access publication. The following factors are considered when evaluating requests for exemptions:

a) The academic quality of the journal. 
The author is invited to publish a scientific article in a prestigious traditional subscription journal with a high impact factor. A key policy target at the University of Iceland is to increase the number of quality publications in all schools within the University. University of Iceland policy places significant emphasis on academic staff selecting a publication outlet that makes rigorous academic demands and is likely to increase the impact of the University's research work. Emphasis on publishing articles in open access outlets must not reduce the impact of University of Iceland research work at the domestic and international levels. Authors publishing an article in a subscription journal with a high impact factor shall, if possible, also publish the article in an open access online archive.

b) Publication outlet selected by another party. 
The author has to defer to the decisions of another party, e.g. the research leader or a co-author, for example at a collaborating university or research centre outside Iceland.

c) Cost 
The cost to the author is considered excessive or not in keeping with what would be thought reasonable.

5. Requests for exemptions cf. Article 4 shall be directed to the Division of Science and Innovation through their homepage (

6. These rules of procedure are based on the University of Iceland policy on open access to research results and final projects, approved by the University Council 6 February 2014. The Division of Science and Innovation and Division of Academic Affairs shall resolve any disputes that may arise in connection with the implementation of these rules. These rules shall enter into force 1 July 2014.
[Implementation of the policy postponed until 1 September 2015]

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