University of Iceland

Rules- Code of conduct

General code of conduct for use of University of Iceland buildings

1. General Rules
You are obliged to take responsibility for your actions at all times and show care and respect for the premises, facilities and equipment of the University. Everyone is required to leave all class rooms, working and reading areas clean. Use the dustbins provided!

2. Consideration for Others
A university is a learning environment, hence it is necessary that order and quietness be observed so people can work undisturbed. The use of mobile telephones is not permitted in class rooms, study areas or computer labs. Phones should be switched to silent mode. Please give way for cleaners so they can work unhindered.

3. Smoking
Smoking is prohibited inside the buildings of the University and near the entrances and doorways.

4. Opening Hours
University buildings without electronic access systems are generally open between 7:30 and 18:00 on weekdays. Varying opening hours apply in buildings with electronic access. For details see: All opening hours

5. Consumption of Food
Consumption of food is not permitted in classrooms or in computer labs.

6. Permission for Alternative Activities
All events, such as presentations, introductions, sales and distribution of refreshments, are subject to the approval of University authorities. Please contact the Service Desk at Háskólatorg (University Centre) or send an e-mail to or in order to gain permission for an event or activity.

7. Advertisements
Advertisements are only allowed on notice boards and electronic display devices. They must comply with regulations and general standards of decency.

8. Violation of Rules
Violation of these rules, damage of property or sabotage of any kind may be subject to liability and can even lead to expulsion from the University.

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