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Research grants and OA requirements

Research grant requirements regarding publication in open access outlets

The University of Iceland reminds staff to familiarise themselves and comply with rules from grant providers regarding open access to the results of funded research. The Icelandic Centre for Research requires that projects funded by a grant from the Icelandic Centre for Research, as of January 2013, publish their results in an open access outlet. The Icelandic Centre for Research also urges researchers to publish results from research funded before January 2013 in an open access outlet. This policy does not apply to books, book chapters or student theses. You must submit a special application to be exempt from open access publication.

Peer-reviewed publications of results from projects funded by the EU Horizon 2020 programme must be available in open access outlets.  Researchers are required to make a copy accessible through a digital repository (i) no later than when it is published in a journal or (ii) following a waiting period of 12 months for humanities and social sciences and 6 months for other disciplines.

An ever increasing number of research funds require grant recipients to provide open access to the results of funded research.  The website ROARMAP includes accessible, standardised information on open access policies from research funds and links to the funds' websites where you can check that the entry is up to date.

It is important for grant recipients to inform themselves of journals' policies and whether authors have the right to publish in open access repositories before signing a publication contract. Information is available on the website SHERPA/RoMEO, which can be confirmed on publishers' own websites.

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