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Reporting concerns to the internal auditor

The formal statement of duties for the internal auditor at the University of Iceland states that one of the internal auditor’s responsibilities is to receive reasoned reports of waste and inefficiency in management practices and possible fraud in the handling of finances.  

Waste and inefficiency

Staff, students and other members of the University community may report waste and inefficiency in management practices to the internal auditor. On receiving a report, the internal auditor shall determine whether the approved audit plan should be amended and an engagement carried out as soon as possible. If the internal auditor does not believe the report warrants such action, it will become part of the data for the next review of the internal auditor’s risk assessment. 
All reports to the internal audit are disclosed in the internal auditor’s annual report.


In accordance with the formal statement of duties, the internal auditor shall tackle any possible financial fraud. According to the definition from the National Audit Office, financial fraud is illegal conduct involving the acquisition of money or other valuables belonging to another party.  This covers, for example, theft, embezzlement, falsifying reports, bribery and unlawful collusion. 
Staff, students and other parties should report any suspicion of financial fraud to the internal auditor immediately. Reports must be made in writing and supported with reasoned arguments. They must identify the person suspected of fraud by name and, if appropriate, provide relevant supporting data. The internal auditor is responsible for examining reports and shall determine whether there is cause to alert the University Council and rector.  
Reports and supporting data can be sent to the internal auditor by email at:  The name of the informant shall remain confidential unless the individual in question gives permission to reveal his or her personal details. Those who do not feel comfortable making a report under their own name can send information by post or place it in the internal auditor’s pigeonhole in the Main Building.
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