University of Iceland


The University of Iceland recommends that staff use an ORCID id, which is required to register works on Those who do not already have such an ORCID number can register on; registration is quick and simple. An ever increasing number of funds require applicants to submit their ORCID numbers. Those who already have another id, e.g. ResearcherID, can link that to an ORCID number and therefore do not need to record information on their publications again.

It is possible to link your ORCID id with Ugla and have your bibliography published in the University of Iceland telephone directory.

You can use your ORCID id to ensure that your work is always recognised even if another author shares your name. It is also possible to register different ways of writing your name. This ensures that works by Auður Ása Guðmundsdóttir are registered as her work whether her name is recorded as A.Á.Guðmunsdóttir, A.A. Guðmundsdottir, A.A.Guomundsdottir, Audur Asa Guomundsdottir, Auður Ása Gudmundsdóttir or Auður Asa Gudmundsdottir, etc.

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