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“My contribution to sustainability and the environment“– Winners of the photo contest at the University of Iceland

Here we have the winners of our photo contest

First price: Kids washing carrots and drinking water 
Photo by: Guðný Hilmarsdóttir
Comments by judges:
The image is playful and portrays the need for our children to grow up to live more sustainably and that adults can learn alongside their children to be so too. The image shows the children interacting and engaging with their natural environment, which is crucial too.

Second price:
Wrapping a book
Photo by: Björn Teitsson
Comments by judges:
This set of pictures gives a clear and simple message – that when we give those we care about something valuable, we can send something else too, namely, a concern for the planet. Further, simple steps taken to change our behavior as consumers can go a long way in helping the environment.
Third price: 
Water usage 
Photo by: Einar Valur Sverrisson
Comments by judges:
This picture communicates in a playful and positive way an issue that is of deep concern for sustainable living.
Special price: Sustainability in cities
Green steps 
Photo by: Ívar Örn Clausen
Comments by judges:
The picture communicates a clear message of how we must think and act as a consumer in the city. It encourages us to consider what kinds of marks we leave behind.
The most popular picture:
 Man recycling newspaper 
Photo by:  Guðmundur Bjarni Benediktsson 
Contestant: Artem Ingmar Benediktsson
The members of the photo contest jury were: 
Ólafur Páll Jónsson, chairman of the sustainability and environment committee 
Kristinn Ingvarsson, photographer
Louise Emslie, member of the student association Gaia
We congratulate the winners and thank everyone who participated!
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