International students

International DayThe deadline for international students (other than exchange students) to apply for undergraduate and graduate studies is 1 February 2018, for the 2018-2019 academic year. Certified transcript of records and previous degree diploma (in hard copy) must have been received by the University no later than 15 February 2018.

Nordic citizens are exempted and may apply for graduate studies until 15 April and for undergraduate studies until 5 June.

A Guide for International Students and other useful information can be found here:

Information on Spring 2018 applications

Admission requirements

Undergraduate Studies: The minimum requirement for admission to the University of Iceland is an Icelandic matriculation examination (stúdentspróf) or the equivalent level of study. To see if you meet the requirements made by the University of Iceland for admission to undergraduate programmes see

Graduate Studies: Specific faculty rules apply regarding admission requirements for graduate studies at the master's and doctoral levels. These rules are published in the course catalogue and on the websites of individual faculties.


In general, teaching at the University of Iceland is in the Icelandic language. Only a limited number of programmes (mainly postgraduate) are offered entirely in English, see further details here. Several faculties offer single courses taught in English, see courses taught in English. Please note that proof of English proficiency requirements may apply to applicants whose native language is not English. Further information on programmes and courses is available in the course catalogue.

Applications - Please note

  • Applicants are required to attach in pdf format their latest diploma/transcript, together with a copy of the front page of their passport. Some faculties also require certain other supporting documents, i.e. statement of purpose, CV and references.
  • Citizens of countries outside the EEA/EFTA (exempting the Faroe Islands and Greenland), applying for studies at the University of Iceland, are required to pay a fee* of € 50 (ISK 8,000) for the handling and processing of their applications. The fee is charged as part of the online application process and is payable by credit card only, VISA or Mastercard. The handling and processing fee is NOT refundable.

(Online application form - International students)

Registration fee

The annual registration fee for the University of Iceland is ISK 75,000. Spring semester registration fee for new students is ISK 55,000.

Applications for enrolment in Spring 2018

International students (non-exchange students) may attempt to apply for enrolment in the Spring semester 2018 (academic year 2017-2018). Applications for graduate studies must be submitted online by 15th October 2017, while online applications for undergraduate studies can be submitted until 30th November 2017. Only a limited selection of programmes is on offer. Certified transcripts of qualifications and other supporting documents must be submitted promptly to the address provided in the online application process.

PLEASE NOTE: For citizens of countries outside the EEA/EFTA, the Directorate of Immigration requires that applications for residence permits (student visa) are received by the Directorate no later than 1st November 2017, in order to issue permits before the start of Spring semester classes. The University of Iceland requires three weeks to process applications AFTER supporting documents have arrived. Supporting documents must therefore ARRIVE at the University of Iceland before 10th October 2017 if you wish to be able to start your studies in January 2018. Attention: Applications for graduate studies starting in Spring 2018 can NOT be answered before 1 November 2017, because of the time required for evaluation and processing. As an alternative, we suggest that you submit an application for studies starting in the Autumn/Fall semester of 2018, see information above.


Exchange students

Please note: The application form indicated above is intended for international students only, not for those applying as exchange students at the University of Iceland. For information on the application process for exchange students, please see the international exchange students website.

*The handling and processing fee for applications from citizens of countries outside EEA/EFTA, exempting the Faroe Islands and Greenland, is charged as authorized by Item g of Art. 24. of the Public Higher Education Institutions Act, no. 85/2008 (amended 1 July 2013). As determined by the University Council on 6 March 2014, the fee is included in the University's Tariff for various services to students etc. The fee will be charged for applications pertaining to the academic year 2014-2015 and later.



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