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International Staff - Other Citizens

Non-EU/EFTA citizens require a residence permit if they plan to live and work in Iceland. A work permit is included in the application process.

How to apply
All incoming staff members who are non-EU/EFTA citizens will be provided with instructions on the application process. They will also be assigned a representative from the University‘s International Office. If you have not been contacted by a representative, please speak to your nearest supervisor as soon as possible.

In order to apply for a residence permit, you must provide the following documents. Documents must be English or must be accompanied by a certified English translation. Please note that all documents must be originals except where otherwise noted.

List of required documents - Videos

Click on the videoes for more detailed instructions!

1.     Application form for a residence permit

2-3.     Passport photo and photocopy of passport (The photocopy of the passport may be scanned and sent via email to your representative)

4.     Criminal record certificate

5.     Housing certificate

6.     Medical insurance application form (may be scanned and send via email to your representative)

7.     Application for a work permit

8.     Employment contract (3 signed originals)

9.     Authorisation form

10.  Copy of your most recent university degree certificate (may be scanned and send via email to your representative)

Once you have completed all the required forms and documents, please mail the documents via express delivery to your representative.

To download all the required forms in one document, please click here.

Bringing your family
You will need to apply for residence permits for each family member you plan to bring unless they are EU/EFTA citizens. You should apply for their residence permits at the same time as you apply for your own residence permit.

Please note that your spouse/partner will need to apply for a work permit along with their residence permit if he/she plans to work in Iceland.

For more information, see family reuinification. You can also read more about the individual requirements for different family members on the links below:

–    Spouse/partner
–    Children
–    Other relatives

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