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Internal auditing at the University of Iceland


The internal auditor works for the University Council and has the role of improving management practices at the University of Iceland by helping administrators to achieve set management targets, evaluate success, improve risk management, controls and administration. The main focus of the internal auditor is to determine whether internal controls work such that the University’s operations are conducted in a reasonable way. The internal auditor is an independent unit who answers professionally to the University Council, but is under the administration of the rector.

Primary responsibilities

The responsibilities of the internal auditor include assurance engagements, consulting services and auditing of international research grants. Assurance engagements involve the internal auditor’s objective evaluation of data in order to produce an unbiased verdict on a unit, management practice, activity, process or system. Engagements are announced in the internal audit plan, approved by the University Council.  The primary assurance engagements in accordance with the formal statement of duties are to evaluate whether:
  • working processes, organisation and administration are effective,
  • the information system operates in a secure manner which ensures the validity and integrity of data,
  • staff comply with the law, regulations, official strategy, standards and rules of procedure,
  • accounts and financial statements comply with the provisions of the law and regulation,
  • risk is satisfactorily identified and managed,
  • the University Council, rector and other University administrators receive the accurate information they require in order to fulfil their responsibilities.

Internal auditor at the University of Iceland

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