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All persons who have been permanently domiciled in Iceland for six continous months are covered by public health insurance (social security).

Note that the Icelandic healthcare system only subsidises health care for beneficiaries but generally does not provide services for free. For most medical services, you can expect to pay a minimal fee.
More information about the health care system and what it provides.

Children are covered by their parents' health insurance and do not pay for visits to public health clinics or for vaccinations. Women who are covered by health insurance are entitled to free maternity care during pregnancy, childbirth and post-childbirth.

Medical insurance for non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizens

Immigrants from outside the EU/EEA/Switzerland do not fall under Icelandic social security for the first 6 months of legal residency.

These citizens must purchase medical insurance and submit a confirmation of the insurance with their application for a residence permit.

The insurance must provide a minimum coverage of ISK 2.000.000 and should be valid for at least six months from the date of issue of the residence permit. The insurance company must be licensed to operate in Iceland.

A number of Icelandic insurance companies offer medical insurance for immigrants. Upon request, these companies will also send a confirmation of health insurance directly to the Directorate of Immigration once it has been purchased. It should be noted that the insured person carries a personal liability of ISK 50.000 deductible from all medical insurance claims. For further information, see for example these links below:  


Once the 6-month qualifying period has passed, you will be eligible to receive healthcare under Iceland social security and will no longer need to purchase medical insurance.

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