University of Iceland

Exchange studies around the world

University of Iceland in cooperation with over five hundred universities worldwide. Students have the opportunity to go to Scandinavia, Europe, USA, Canada, Central and South America, Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

List of UI’s partner universities

Selection a host university and courses
It is important to rinse well with respect to courses that are suitable and fit with the program country. All courses taken at the guest institution need to be part of the program at the University and must program and get it approved by the representative of or's international division.

The choice of schools must also take account of the individual departments and subjects within the university have different partner schools. This is particularly true of Erasmus and Nordplus co-operation.

To get help with choosing the host school may be helpful to talk to teachers, other students, former student exchanges, faculty or staff of the university's international office of international relations. It is also useful to examine the final reports of former exchange students.

Language has a lot to say in the selection of the host school. In many countries there is a limited range of courses in English, but it has increased lately.
Those who intend to apply for exchange in countries outside Europe are advised to familiarize themselves with the early dates of the TOEFL test.

Grants for exchange students
The exchange students are tuition fees at the guest institution canceled but students pay an annual registration fee at the University of Iceland. If it is an exchange through Nordplus and Erasmus programs are travel and accommodation grants available.

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