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Equality Focussed Student Organisations

Equality homepage

Students at the University of Iceland are involved with many equality projects. The Student Union has an Equal Rights Committee and Officer, as well as a Student Interests and Loan Officer and an International Committee. For more information visit the Student Union homepage. A few equality focussed student organisations have been founded which greatly add to equality work at the university.


The logo of the Feminist Organisation of UIThe Feminist Organisation of UI

The Feminist Organisation of UI is for both students and staff at the university. The organisation is apolitical and fights for gender equality.  


The Feminist Organisation of the UI on Facebook




Q – Queer Student Association

The logo of the Q organisationThe purpose of Q is to give queer students an opportunity to socialize in a safe environment, to provide them with support and encourage cohesion. Q aims to be a visible force within the University of Iceland on behalf of queer students and to fight for equality and respect, especially concerning the topics of sex/gender, gender identity and sexuality as well as educating students and teachers on these issues.


Q – Queer Student Association website

Q – Queer Student Association on Facebook


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