University of Iceland

Division of Human Resources: Responsibility and tasks


The main responsibility of the Division of Human Resources is to supervise and ensure procedural quality in personnel issues at the University of Iceland; to ensure that rules and legislation on human resources are implemented; to support managers and to ensure equality and harmony in the handling of cases.

The university‘s human resource policy serves as a frame of reference for the tasks dealt with by the Division of Human Resources. The university strives to be a good workplace, where interested, harmonious and responsible staff perform well, and in the spirit of equality. The best working conditions should be ensured for all staff, as well as the opportunity for them to thrive in their position.

  • Personnel issues, and the execution of the UI human resource policy
  • Supervision and counsel about issues pertaining to the rights and duties of staff
  • Support services for managers
  • Advertisements and applications
  • Recruitment issues - support, service and guidance for the recruitment process
  • Job interviews - participation, guidance and service
  • Counsel on the organisation and coordination of work
  • Wage bracket allocation - administration
  • Performance evaluation, evaluation of qualifications, and annual evaluation
  • Legal counsel on personnel issues
  • Individual cases - counsel and solutions
  • Staff manual
  • Wage contracts and institutional agreements
  • Job descriptions
  • Staff interviews
  • End of employment interviews - Administrative positions
  • Supervision of administrative staff study leaves
  • Supervision of staff training, development and education
  • Education and service for international staff and former university staff
  • Staff directory and related service
  • Facts and figures on personnel


The Division of Human Resources emphasises the University of Iceland's core values of integrity and respect.

Academic integrity is emphasised in all work at the University of Iceland. Mutual respect and trust characterise all relations. 

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