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Distance Examinations

Aðalbygging Háskóla ÍslandsStudents at the University of Iceland can apply for permission to take their examinations abroad, for instance because of a stay abroad. Students must themselves obtain an appropriate examination site and supervisor/invigilator. The examination should take place at a university or embassy/­consulate. Furthermore, both distance students and on-site students at UI can apply for permission to take their examinations off-campus, within Iceland.

A fee of ISK 3000 is due if the distance examination takes place within Iceland, while a fee of ISK 5000 is required for examinations taken abroad. If a student takes more than one distance examination within the same examination period, the full fee is charged for the first examination but half a fee for subsequent ones.

Please note: No examination fees apply in regular distance studies organised by the University of Iceland.

  1. All students requesting distance examinations, both on-site and distance students, must fill in an online form in Ugla: Distance examinations – Sites and courses.
  2. UI students who wish to take their examinations abroad also need to submit this form: Application for Distance Examination.
  3. Students from universities abroad can apply for permission to sit their examinations at the University of Iceland. This must be done with the full approval of the home institution in each case. External Application for Distance Examination.
  4. When examinations are held outside of the general examination periods, i.e. 2 – 18 December and 25 April – 10 May, UI students can apply for distance examinations using a specific form: Application for distance examination outside of regular period.

Further information and all necessary steps are detailed on the online application forms linked above. For any additional information, please contact Björg Sigurðardóttir, Project Manager at the Centre for Distance Examinations, tel. +354 525-5910, e-mail

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