Applications for exchange studies outside of Europe

The application deadline is January 15th each year before the Service Desk closes (or the next business day if the application deadline is on a public holiday).

All applications for exchange studies are handed in at the Service Desk in Háskólatorg (the University Centre). Applications are submitted electronically. After submitting an electronic application form the applicant must print the application, sign it and hand in along with supporting documents. In order for an exchange application to be approved, the relevant faculty must approve of the proposed study program, which is done by signing the applicants’ learning agreement.

The application process step-by-step:
1. Browse our website to familiarize yourself with our exchange programs
2. Check if you qualify to go to on exchange
3. Contact the International Office with any question you can’t find answers to on our website
4. Find a partner university of the University of Iceland you are interested in applying for. Make sure the exchange agreement is in your field and level of studies

5. Apply for your first choice host university and select a second choice university as well.
6. Find the course catalog of the university you want to apply for and carefully select courses in consultation with the faculty (note that it is likely you’ll have to use the course catalog from the previous academic year at this stage).
7. Ask the relevant staff member in your faculty and International Coordinator to sign the proposed learning agreement
8. Apply for the exchange studies online at and return the application printed and signed along with supporting documentation to the Service Desk in Háskólatorg (The University Centre)
9. All applications will be processed at the International Office after the application deadline
10. Applicants will receive an email about the results and instructions on how to proceed

Note that the application is twofold. If the application is approved at the International Office, the student is nominated to the host university. The applicant should then receive application instructions from the host university on how to complete the application process. Be aware of the application deadline at the host university.

The application deadline is January 15th each year before 17pm

Application for the academic year 2017-2018 (please note that when an application has been submitted online the applicant will receive an email (registered in the application) with a pdf document of the application. The applicant returns the application printed and signed, along with supporting documents in an envelope to the Service Desk in Háskólatorg (The University Centre).

The following documents must accompany the signed application:

  • Printed and signed application
  • Approved Learning Agreement. Print it out and get a signature representative of the faculty / fags and the university's international department.
  • Transcript of records in English - available at the Service Desk in Háskólatorg
  • Cover letter (Statement of purpose / Motivation letter). One-page essay in English about the applicant’s main motivations for going on exchange.
  • Proof of language proficiency if required (e.g. results of a TOEFL test)

In order for application to be considered valid it has to be submitted to the Service Desk in Háskólatorg, printed and signed by applicant and the relevant faculty, in an envelope.

Please note! The learning agreement is a document that contains the courses that you intend to complete at the host university during the exchange period.  Your faculty is required to sign this document and by doing so it states to transfer the completed credits to your study cycle at UI. It is very important to do this in a timely manner since getting the approval of the faculty can take up to two weeks.

Final report for exchange studies outside of Europe


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