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The University of Iceland does not provide or guarantee housing for students. The supply of on-campus housing is very limited and most students live off-campus. The rental market in Reykjavik is challenging, but the following options may be helpful:

Off-campus housing:

  • HousingAnywhere As a student coming to University of Iceland you can find student accommodation on Through this student housing platform you will find rooms which are rented out from our outgoing students as well as accommodation from the private rental market. Your search for housing possibilities in Reykjavik is for free, just in case of a concrete booking of a room or a flat an administrative charge has to be paid.

  • The Student Agency is an online interactive resource for students seeking jobs or off-campus housing. Landlords advertise housing, students select accommodation from the listings (Rooms and apt. for rent) and subsequently contact the landlord directly. 
    Please note that neither the Student Services nor the University of Iceland guarantee the rentals, and students rent at their own risk.Take note that you should always have a written signed lease.
  • Rentmate is a new company that assists international students in finding accommodation and to find flatmates/roomates to share apartments with. 

On-campus housing

  • The Student Housing offers limited supply of on-campus housing for students at University of Iceland. Online applications for the fall semester open on 1 June and on 1 October for the spring semester. Applying on deadline does not guarantee housing due to high demand. Chances of getting an on-campus housing are extremely low.

Please note that the demand for apartments for rent in Reykjavik is very high and finding accommodation can be very difficult.




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