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Ragnheiður Júníusdóttir
School meals and children‘s performance
“The study focuses on examining whether the quality and quantity of the food children eat in school, school meals,...
 Kevin Martin
Magnificent antiquities could be hidden in the ocean
“The purpose of this project is to enhance the position of marine archaeology in Iceland, as the bottom of the ocean...
Birkir Þór Bragason and Bergljót Magnadóttir
Helps preventing disease in cod
The cod is extremely important to Icelanders, therefore, it is tempting to start fish farming cod on a large scale....
Guðrún Johnsen
Learning from the economic crash
The economic crash in 2008 has been a source of great speculation and research within the University of Iceland, in...
Johannes Theodorus Welling
Climate change and glacier tourism
“Many scientists have studied the impact of climate change on glaciers and landscape during the last decades,...
Rannveig Traustadóttir
Dream Project in Disability Studies
“The goal with this project is to train future generations of scholars to be leadiers in the fields of disability...
Arna H. Jónsdóttir
When should children start Kindergarten?
The number of young children in Icelandic Kindergartens keeps growing and the duration of their stay is getting...
 Lísabet Guðmundsdóttir on site
The first churches were made of driftwood and Icelandic birch
There were woods from the mountains to the shore at that time according to Ari the Wise, Iceland's most prominent...
 Anna Birna Almarsdóttir
Better medication for the elderly
Scientists at the University of Iceland are part of an extensive network of research collaboration, including...
Egill Skúlason
Wants to make fuel out of nothing
“The energy that comes from the sun and lands on an area in the size of the Sahara Desert would suffice to replace...
Eyrún María Rúnarsdóttir
Children of multicultural ethnicity often perpetrators or victims of bullying
Children of multicultural ethnicity are less likely to experience positive connections with their friends and...
Birna Arnbjörnsdóttir
Icelandic in the New World
Data that Birna Arnbjörnsdóttir, Professor of Second Language Studies, gathered during her doctoral studies over a...


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