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Ásdís Jóelsdóttir, Assistant Lecturer at the Faculty of Teacher Education
The wool sweater, necessity, luxury and Icelandic national pride
The Icelandic wool sweater is considered to be Iceland's most prominent and visible heritage, and despite a...
Eyja M. Brynjarsdóttir, Research Specialist at the Institute of Philosophy
Mobility in money
"This is a metaphysical study on money and its value with emphasis on their role as a sociological phenomenon, and...
Ágúst Elí Ágústsson, MS from the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Green roofs save money
Traditional Icelandic farm houses had turf roofs where flowers grew. Results from a new study indicate that this...
Eiríkur Steingrímsson, Professor at the Faculty of Medicine
The Fruit fly - tiny but significant
Many who have stood by the fruit section in a supermarket  have at some time or other noticed tiny flies...
Brynhildur Davíðsdóttir, Professor of Environmental and Natural Resources
Can Iceland become carbon free?
Observers of the United Nations conference on climate change in late 2015 will realise that the human race faces a...
Rúnar Unnþórsson, Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science
High-tech equipment to help blind people
A lack of technological solutions that make it easier for blind and visually impaired people to take part in society...
Bergljót Þrastardóttir, doctoral student at the Faculty of Teacher Education
Gendered perspective in schools
Gender is defined by society's ideas on what is considered feminine and masculine; with reference to social and...
Hanna Ragnarsdóttir, Professor at the Faculty of Education Studies
Improving immigrants’ circumstances
A Nordic study on why some children of foreign origin adjust better than others in their new home, both socially and...
Orri Vésteins, Professor at the Faculty of History and Philosophy
Norse people in Greenland
Academics have long wrestled with the puzzle of the end of Norse settlements in Greenland. Norse people sailed from...
Ingibjörg Ágústsdóttir, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Foreign Languages, Literature and Linguistics
The Tudor period popular in literature and films
The Tudor period has been defined as a golden era in British history; a time of extravagance, music, queens and...
Emily Diana Lethbridge, Research Specialist at the University of Iceland Centre for Medieval Studies
A digital journey through the land of the Sagas
"There was a man called Mord Fiddle, who was the son of Sighvat the Red. Mord was a powerful chieftain, and lived at...
Ragnar Pétur Ólafsson, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Psychology
Can we control our thoughts?
Mental disorders are challenging; both for researchers to understand, and for professionals to treat. Ragnar Pétur...


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